This Week at the Sanctuary

Chimp Blog

This week at the sanctuary, Donovan is feeling himself, Diane maybe forgot how to climb trees, Phyllis takes a much-deserved break, and more.

First up, Donovan catches a glimpse of himself in Caregiver Nicole’s camera, and we think it’s safe to say he liked what he saw. 

Next up, did Diane forget how to climb, or is she just being a silly girl??

Marcus is all of us with the most impressive slow-motion chimp yawn we’ve ever seen.

Phyllis took a well-deserved break up in the trees (she’s known as the ‘caregiver’ in her chimp social group).

And buddies Maxi and Kaya met up for a little chat on their favorite platform.

Finally, little Carlee continues to who us there’s nothing she can’t do by climbing to new heights every day. 

Thank you for making these moments — and so many others — possible at the sanctuary this week!

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