Milkshake That Brings All the Boys to the Yard

Winners: Barbara & Jane Porter

The winners in this category are two lovely ladies who have legions of chimp and human fans thanks to their winning personalities and unique style. Let’s hear it for Barbara and Jane Porter!

Barbara: Yes, it’s true, there is lots of Barbara to love (“She’s definitely got the milkshakes,” jokes Caregiver Jennifer), but what really sets this lady apart is her amazing personality. She’s easygoing, but full of sass, and always living the Chimp Life on her terms.

Jane Porter: Jane inspires endless admiration from the boys in her group, (“There’s just something about her bald head that they’re crazy about,” says Caregiver Miranda), but frankly, she’s got more important things to concern herself with. She’s tough, independent, and very athletic, often outsmarting the bigger, more dominant males in her group by sneaking a run over to care staff at the most opportune moment, usually scoring an extra banana or treat for her efforts.

If Looks Could Kill