Most Feared Poo Thrower

Winners: TJ & Shenandoah

Chimps throw poo. They just do. But some of them…some of them do it with style, accuracy, and gusto.

TJ: TJ won this category almost unanimously, and to anyone who knows him, it’s no mystery why. He’s got incredible aim. For the most part, TJ chooses to use his throwing to initiate newbies, and is careful not to tag his known friends. To his credit, if he does accidentally get a little too close to hitting one of his pals on staff, he seems to feel bad about it — like, “Oops! Sorry, that wasn’t meant for you!”

Shenandoah: Shenandoah gets props for her throwing because she always seems to keep the element of surprise. “There’s never an obvious rhyme or reason to her throws,” says Caregiver Miranda. “She’s not visibly upset; there’s no key indicators; you could be feeding her breakfast and she’ll just go for it. She really takes you by surprise.”

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