Rookie of the Year

Winners: Maxi & Sparky

The Rookie of the Year category goes to two of our newest arrivals who captures hearts this year!

Maxi: Maxi arrived to the sanctuary in January of 2019, and since then she’s become a sanctuary favorite. “She’s so intelligent and of course she impresses everyone with her smarts in our positive reinforcement program,” says Caregiver Jennifer. “But she’s also really opened up to us as she’s spent more time here. At first she didn’t have much interest in us, which kind of made us like her, but we’ve really grown on her and now we’re getting to see her sweet side.”

Sparky: Sweet Sparky has overcome some health issues this year and watching him get back to his old self has endeared him to everyone on the team. “I think everyone who works with Sparky feels like we’ve been on a journey with him,” says Caregiver Miranda. “It’s so great to see him playing, displaying, and acting tough — he’s really blossomed into his real personality and we’ve been rooting for him. We’re just so proud of him.”

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