Chimp Haven Launches New Logo

After many years of providing care for retired chimpanzees, Chimp Haven’s brand is undergoing cosmetic changes. This week, the National Chimpanzee Sanctuary is revealing its new look.

“We are excited to launch our organizational rebranding,” Chimp Haven President Cathy Willis Spraetz said. “As the organization continues to grow, it is important to evaluate our brand and message to ensure that it remains modern and relevant. It was our goal to develop a look that appeals to new and current, young and older supporters as well as one that will lead us to the next phase of organizational growth. This journey led us to a look and message that is fresh and memorable.”

Equipped with valuable information gathered from supporters and staff, Chimp Haven partnered with Shreveport, La.-based agency Popular Creative to bring the new vision to life. The agency created a more simplistic logo illustrating the peaceful lifestyle of chimpanzees in sanctuary. The text is bold in color so that it stands strongly alone, as well as in graphic pieces. In addition to a new look, Chimp Haven has also adopted the tagline, “A New Beginning.” The tagline focuses attention on the future and the very different and rewarding life of retirement at the sanctuary. The rebranding process will be rolled out in two phases. Phase I includes a redesign of the logo, signage and merchandise, while Phase II will include the redesigning of organizational marketing materials, including the website, an advertising campaign and brochures.

Individuals will be able to see the new logo and signage at Chimp Haven’s April 12 Spring Fling Festival, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  For more festival information, visit