Practicing Medicine Outside of the Box

One benefit for chimpanzees living at Chimp Haven is the extraordinary veterinary care that is provided for each of its residents. Veterinary staff members often work with local and national specialists and medical companies to offer treatments to improve the chimpanzees’ quality of life.

Recently, Chimp Haven partnered with LiteCure, LLC to begin the trial of a new form of therapy for the chimpanzees. The Companion Therapy Laser is an FDA approved device  which as been used in small animal and equine medicine for over a decade. Its benefits include: 1. offering an alternative to drugs for alleviating pain; 2. increasing blood supply to compromised tissue; and 3. accelerating the healing process.

“Noninvasive medical treatment is important as it enhances the comfort and well-being of our residents,” Chimp Haven Veterinarian Dr. Corrine Brown said. “I believe this new treatment could be especially useful in cases of arthritic relief in our geriatric patients and may also expedite the healing of wounds and incision sites.”

Chimp Haven veterinary staff has already used the new tool on its first patient.  Pam received an injury to her finger during an altercation within her group. Many times, a chimpanzee in this situation would have to be sedated to effectively evaluate and treat the wound. However, Pam has learned to present her finger through the mesh for laser therapy.

“We are pleased with the rapid healing of Pam’s finger,” Brown said. “We will continue to use this device and document outcomes.  We are appreciative to LiteCure for helping us provide superlative care to the residents at Chimp Haven.”

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