Harper Cork-back coaster (Set of 1)


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This cork-back coaster is a perfect match for your favorite mug! Create a homey feel while protecting your coffee table or nightstand from mug stains and moisture. The coaster is waterproof and heat-resistant, designed to last a long time. Buy it for yourself or as a lovely gift for your friends and family.

About the Artist:
Harper’s personality is often compared to a goofy teenager – he gets unabashedly excited about the things he likes, and one of those things just happens to be painting!
Harper is an enthusiastic painter who always eagerly runs over when he sees his caregivers bringing out the painting supplies. He’ll paint with his tongue, fingers, and even a brush, with his mouth held open in an excited expression as he expresses himself creatively. His caregivers say his artistic style might be described as “aggressive” given how eager he is to paint – he’ll often shoo his groupmates away so he can paint solo!
When he’s done with his latest masterpiece he likes to hold and admire it; while some chimps mind roughhouse and tear their paintings apart, Harper holds his gently, careful not to rip his latest piece.

• Hardboard MDF 0.12″ (3 mm)
• Cork 0.04″ (1 mm)
• High-gloss coating on top
• Size: 3.74″ × 3.74″ × 0.16″ (95 × 95 × 4 mm)
• Rounded corners
• Water-repellent, heat-resistant, and non-slip
• Easy to clean

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