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2022 Spring Newsletter

Teaching an Old Chimp New Tricks

Animal Care Specialist Ellen shares the secrets to earning the trust of one of the sanctuary’s sweetest old curmudgeons: peanuts, persistence, and a healthy dose of humor

2021 Fall Newsletter

A Historic Homecoming

With what could be the final group of chimpanzees eligible for sanctuary retirement on their way to Chimp Haven, the critical final phase of expansion has arrived.

2021 Spring Newsletter

The Final Countdown to Welcome Them Home

Plus: Update on Crystal; Lives You’ve Touched; Moving Day; COVID-19 Update; Wildlife Waystation Chimps

2020 Fall Newsletter

15 Years of the Chimp Life

Plus: Lives You’ve Touched; Welcome Them Home; COVID-19 Update; Coming Up at Chimp Haven

2020 Spring Newsletter

Crystal’s Walking Club

Plus: Meet the Chimps; Lives You’ve Touched; Spring at the Sanctuary; Upcoming Events

2019 Fall Newsletter

Remembering Sarah Anne

Plus: Lives You’ve Touched; Chimp Chat; Goodbye Summer; Expansion Update

2019 Spring Newsletter

Welcome Them Home Sanctuary Expansion

Plus: Spring at the Sanctuary; Chimp Myths and Facts; Lives You’ve Touched; Upcoming Events

2018 Fall Newsletter

Inside the Effort to Bring Them Home

Plus: Chimp “Babies”; My Favorite Chimp; Lives You’ve Touched; Upcoming Events

2018 Spring Newsletter

Welcoming Them Home

Plus: Message from the President; Upcoming Events; Lives You’ve Touched