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2021 Spring Newsletter

The Final Countdown to Welcome Them Home

Plus: Update on Crystal; Lives You’ve Touched; Moving Day; COVID-19 Update; Wildlife Waystation Chimps

2020 Fall Newsletter

15 Years of the Chimp Life

Plus: Lives You’ve Touched; Welcome Them Home; COVID-19 Update; Coming Up at Chimp Haven

2020 Spring Newsletter

Crystal's Walking Club

Plus: Meet the Chimps; Lives You’ve Touched; Spring at the Sanctuary; Upcoming Events

2019 Fall Newsletter

Remembering Sarah Anne

Plus: Lives You’ve Touched; Chimp Chat; Goodbye Summer; Expansion Update

2019 Spring Newsletter

Welcome Them Home Sanctuary Expansion

Plus: Spring at the Sanctuary; Chimp Myths and Facts; Lives You’ve Touched; Upcoming Events

2018 Fall Newsletter

Inside the Effort to Bring Them Home

Plus: Chimp “Babies”; My Favorite Chimp; Lives You’ve Touched; Upcoming Events

2018 Spring Newsletter

Welcoming Them Home

Plus: Message from the President; Upcoming Events; Lives You’ve Touched