At Chimp Haven we believe we’re not that different, humans and chimpanzees. Chimps have personalities, emotions and relationships, just like us, and we’re on a mission to connect them to the happy healthy lives they deserve. That’s why we’re providing and promoting personalized care for chimpanzees (most of whom were retired from biomedical research) by helping them, for their remaining years, live a good life – the chimp life.

Our Mission

To provide and promote the best care of sanctuary chimpanzees and inspire action for the species worldwide.

More than a refuge, Chimp Haven offers 200 acres designed entirely for chimpanzees. Here, chimps can roam woodland and wide-open spaces; feast on fresh fruits and veggies; and thrive in large families.  Here, they’re living the chimp life.

Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the Chimp Haven sanctuary and see how the chimps are living the Chimp Life.