Chimp Haven Mourns the Loss of Animal Care Director Kathleen Taylor

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Chimp Haven sadly announces the passing of its Animal Care Director, Kathleen Taylor. Kathleen peacefully passed on December 26, 2017, surrounded by family and friends after valiantly fighting a seven-year battle with cancer.

An invaluable member of the Chimp Haven family, Kathleen served as the colony manager and animal care director for more than 12 years. With more than 20 years of primate experience she expertly developed the sanctuary’s standards, regulations, guidelines and facilities so each chimpanzee residing at Chimp Haven could thrive. But Kathleen was much more to the staff members. A fiercely positive individual, she could often be seen stopping in each office delivering a “good morning” with a warm smile before Monday morning meetings. She believed there was always a way to accomplish any goal, even if no one else could envision a solution. And she genuinely cared about every individual who played a role in accomplishing the sanctuary’s mission. Kathleen understood the true meaning of team. She understood long before Chimp Haven existed the importance of caring for chimpanzees who were used in research and she made it her life’s mission to ensure they received the care they so rightly deserved.

Although Kathleen possessed a deep passion for chimpanzees, her deepest passions were with her husband, Alvin, daughter, Lynsie and son, Max. They were the true apples of her eye – ones for which she fought so hard for.

Kathleen greatly impacted Chimp Haven and the lives of every person she encountered. Her faith, loyalty and determination will never be forgotten, and she will live on in our hearts and memories forever.

At the request of the Taylor family, memorials should be sent to Chimp Haven or a charity of choice. To donate to Chimp Haven, please click here.