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Love Stories: The Game of Thrones

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Chimp Haven February 9, 2024

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and love is in the air at Chimp Haven! One of the wonderful things about life at the sanctuary is the friendships, families, bromances, and, yes, even romances, that develop between the retirees. We hope you enjoy a few of our favorite recent love stories.

Like all the classics, today’s love story comes with a healthy dash of intrigue, shifting alliances, and betrayal. In fair Louisiana, where we lay our scene, from ancient grudge break to new mutiny, if you will.

Our story begins with Goblin’s group, a family of 13 chimps led by 31-year-old alpha Jimmy Django. Our fearless leader Jimmy has a long-standing love affair with older woman, 42-year-old Yolie, although he’s certainly not the only chimp who’s under Yolie’s spell.

“Yolie is Helen of Troy for all the boys in Goblin’s family group,” says Behavior Technician Rizzo Farrow. “Yolie is honestly not all that interested in being at the center of it all, but Jimmy keeps a close eye on who she spends her time with.”

Jimmy Django (L), alpha and full-time Yolie (R) admirer

What would a dramatic tale of love be without a rival? Not long ago, while Jimmy was recovering from an injury to his hand, 29-year-old groupmate Poonie saw his opportunity.

Unbeknownst to Jimmy in his weakened state, Poonie recruited Jimmy’s own half-brother Moe into an alliance, which shook up the group’s social hierarchies and led to Jimmy being dethroned as alpha.

Devious conspirators and very cute boys Poonie and Moe

For a time, all seemed lost. Yolie was now Poonie’s girl, and the group entered a period of unrest while they adjusted to their new alpha.

Jimmy bided his time. As his hand injury slowly recovered, he patiently began planning his moves to get his throne and his Yolie back.

“Then one day Jimmy’s half-brother Moe appeared with a fresh wound, and suddenly, Jimmy was acting like the king again,” says Rizzo. “It was very Game of Thrones – the scuffle took place privately, but whatever happened, it was enough for Jimmy to right the wrongs he had endured.”

Jimmy’s back on top and back with his girl.

“As involved as Yolie is in this story, she really doesn’t lend her support to any of the boys involved,” Rizzo clarifies. “She just sort of watches them argue over her and then goes about more important things, like getting attention from her caregivers.”

A true, unbothered queen.

On a lighter note, not everyone in this group is so dramatic. Fellow groupmate Goblin prefers to keep his romantic life breezy with a new girl on his arm just about every month. This month the object of his affection is Trixie, who he’ll swear his undying loyalty to until at least spring.

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