Biggest Baby Stuck in an Adult Body

Winners: Harper & Hayden

Our two winners in this category prove that just because you grow older doesn’t mean you have to grow up. Both of these guys love to stay in touch with their playful side.

Harper: “Harper is one of my favorite guys because even though he’s 20, he still skips around like a little adolescent,” shares Care Coordinator Awbrea. “He totally steals my heart cause he’s an adult in a boy’s body; he loves to drum with Gizmo, and they go back and forth trying to show each other who is in charge, but really they just get nervous and chicken out if the other is in the same room.”

Hayden: “Hayden has a ton of energy,” says Caregiver Miranda.” “He loves to play, and even if he’s relaxing, he can’t sit still — he’s still bobbing his head. He would play all day long if he could.”

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