Biggest Grinch

Winners: Taffy & Hulk

We all have our bad days, these two chimps just might have a few more grumpy moments than most.

Hulk: “Hulk sort of always has a grinch expression that he wears on his face,” shares Caregiver Miranda. “He just look cranky, especially in the morning — he also does what we call his ‘Hulk smash’ if he decides he’s not happy with your presence. You might just be walking by his play yard, and he’ll bang on the mesh to let you know he sees you. Or, if you give him a carrot or banana, he’ll ‘Hulk smash’ to dismiss you. He’s super sweet but he has some grouchy mannerisms!”

Taffy: “Taffy is definitely a chimp’s chimp, and she doesn’t pretend to tolerate anyone,” shares Caregiver Jennifer. “She’s very protective of her pals, so if she’s not in the mood for you to be around her friends that day, she’ll let you know. She’s a little bit of a grump, but we love her!”

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