Most Likely to be a Fitness Guru

Winners: Taffy & Crystal

On the flip side of our Couch Potatoes, we’ve got two strong ladies who are always up for some fitness. Congrats to Taffy and Crystal!

Taffy: Taffy’s photo probably says it all, but this girl’s got some serious strength. She’s been known to pull up roots, loves a good play session, and was the first of her group to be spotted climbing trees! She’s also known for patrolling the perimeter of her habitat with her pals, and enjoys taking alone time in the woods.

Crystal: Crystal is one of the stars of Chimp Haven’s “gympanzee” program, which pairs a member of our staff with a chimp to help them become more physically active. Since her trainer, Robyn, began working with her on the program, Crystal has lost an amazing 60 pounds! She loves walking laps with Robyn in her corral, and her favorite reward for training? Touching Robyn’s boots! (She loves them!)

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