Most Likely to Get Their Head Stuck in a Jar

Winners: Mason & Devon

It’s probably not a surprise to hear that the winners of this category are two rambunctious boys who love to play and explore — and sometimes their curiosity gets them into a little bit of trouble.

Mason: Although staff likes to debate which adolescent male – Mason or Jimmy – will take over as the group’s alpha one day, everyone agrees that Mason is still very much the epitome of a teenage boy. He’s rowdy, loves to play, and occasionally finds himself in some (minor) trouble as a result of his endless curiosity. He’s incredibly sweet to little Carlee, picking her up and spinning her in the air while she laughs.

Devon: Devon is an incredibly playful boy who loves plastic toys as enrichment “He makes the most out of every play opportunity,” says Caregiver Miranda. “Even though he’s a smart boy, puzzles are not his strong point. He doesn’t always think things all the way through — if he did get his head stuck in a jar, he probably wouldn’t know what to do once it was there.”

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