Most Delightful

Winners: Juan & Happy

Juan: It’s no surprise Juan is taking home the title of Most Delightful this year on the heels on last year’s victory in the Best Chimp EVER category. Here’s what staff had to say about this sweet man: He’s just the best! Everyone loves him. If you could dream up a sweet, calm, perfect old man, that’s him. He’s always happy, never in a bad mood, even when he’s sick. And while most chimps prefer food treats for rewards, Juan prefers tickles because he loves staff so much.

Happy: True to her name, Happy puts smiles on staff faces on the daily. She is a wonderful “mom” to her beloved stuffed monkey — nicknamed Grumpy — and we can’t help but love how much she loves him. “The way she cares for Grumpy is just a breath of fresh air on any stressful day,” says Caregiver Miranda. “You’ll see her take off to go back inside her bedroom, and you’ll realize she’s running back in there to fetch Grumpy, and it just makes you smile. She loves staff, greets you with sweet head bobs, and will even bob from up in her hammock when she sees you. She just brightens your day.”

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