Male Who Thinks They’re Tough But Really Isn’t

Winners: Keeli & Lyle

Keeli and Lyle might act like big tough guys, but underneath that facade is just a big teddy bear.

Keeli: “Keeli is a huge displayer,” shares Caregiver Jennifer. “He’ll jump around, toss barrels in the air, you name it, but it’s all for show, and it’s usually over very quickly. Before you know it, he’s sitting there making a cute face at you being his usual sweet self. Even though he’s known for his displays, he’s a real teddy bear underneath.”

Lyle: “Before Lyle was introduced to his new, larger social group, it was just him and four females,” shares Caregiver Miranda. “He’s strut in like he was big and bad, with lots of noise and banging, but when it came down to it we all knew the girls ran the show. We’d hand Lyle a carrot and all the girls would have to do is hold out their hand and he’d give it up. Now that he’s part of an even bigger social group, he’s doing great and has made lots of new friends.” Not such a tough guy after all, Lyle!

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