Queenie B

Birth Month: August

Queenie B is known as the sanctuary’s “nosy neighbor.” She always knows what’s going on with everyone in her group. She’s a master at catching fruit, and often demands rather than ask when she sees a caregiver with goodies. She extends her arm high in the air, signaling she’s ready for them to throw her a treat. If she receives something she doesn’t like, she’ll let it sail right past her, or even catch it and throw it back!

Becoming a Best Friend

By becoming a Best Friend with a monthly gift of $25 or more, you symbolically adopt one of our amazing retirees and help ensure that they, along with more than 300 of their chimp buddies, are living the Chimp Life. They’re lucky to have a friend like you!

As a Best Friend, you’ll receive:

  • Adoption Certificate
  • Photo of your Best Friend, with bio
  • Chimpanzee plush
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