Engineers of the Year

Winners: Emma & Tinkerbell

Staff say:

Everyone knows Emma is super smart. Once she used a stick to pull the fire alarm – that was an interesting one for staff! Often she’ll “steal” things to trade them for things she wants. For example, she’ll remove a heating vent and refuse to give it up until she gets something she considers valuable. Her smarts can also be super helpful though: She does a wonderful job at voluntarily tidying up any trash in her yard (in exchange for a treat, of course). And she’ll even point to items she wants in magazines…sorry Emma, we’re all out of cherry pie, but maybe next time!

Tinkerbell is a true mechanic. She loves to take apart all kinds of enrichment activities. She knows how to unscrew caps, rearrange light fixtures to her liking, and knock down the wind chimes outside her bedroom using sticks. There’s never a dull moment with these two ladies!

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