Most Likely To Have a Reality Show

Winners: Peanut & Sassy

Staff says:

Peanut: We’re surprised she’s not screaming right now! Surely someone has offended her with some great injustice. She has the highest pitched scream you’ve ever heard, and she’s the biggest busybody in her group. She pokes Hugo (the alpha of her group) for attention, and even when he gives her the attention she so desperately craves, she’s upset either way.

Sassy: Sassy likes drama. Sassy is drama. She’s incredibly smart and socially savvy, and she channels those smarts into being the mastermind TV producer in her group. She plants little seeds of discord and then sitting back and watching the show.

Some of her drama has had positive consequences, though. When Angel and Opal were first introduced to Sassy’s group they were so unfit they could barely walk across the play yard without being out of breath. Sassy would poke them to rile them up and then waltz away – and wouldn’t you know it, they’re much more fit now because of her!

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