Nap Enthusiast


Cutie pie Quinta prefers to keep things quiet and low-key. While she’s not high-ranking socially, she is fairly savvy and knows how to get along with difficult friends. Her bestie is Barb, and the two have been known to back each other up in group disputes (as long as neither of them have to get up and walk too far, that is – they’d both rather nap than be part of the drama!). Quinta loves to carry around a blanket in her hip pocket, and her caregivers have to make sure she has time to drag her blanket behind her so it doesn’t get closed into doors. She also likes to exercise her zen in “yoga” poses like standing on her head or lying on her back with her feet up in the air. Her favorites include grape juice, apples, and lounging outdoors. She moves slowly at her own pace – no need to rush the Chimp Life.


11/20/1980 (43 years)


Henry's Family


Polite, Shy, Sweet, Chill
Nap Enthusiast