Her Majesty


Fancy is a girl who lives up to her name in every way. She’s a staff favorite with personality to spare, perfect, spikey hair, a big, beautiful head, and a perfect, round belly. Fancy is close with her groupmate, PeeWee, who requires a lot of reassurance, which Fancy generously provides. In turn, PeeWee is the perfect bedtime cuddle buddy and likes to wrap his arms around Fancy’s waist as if they were posing for a prom photo. Fancy is a girl who knows her worth, and she insists on lots of belly rubs from her caregivers before she can be bothered to take the food or enrichment they’ve brought her. When it comes to belly scratches, this girl doesn’t take no for an answer, and she isn’t afraid to throw a tantrum when she’s not getting the attention she deserves. In addition to her dazzling personality, Fancy is quite the snappy dresser – when the chimps receive clothing items as enrichment, she loves to find a bikini top and show off her figure. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!


9/3/1991 (32 years)


Zort’s Family


Sweet, Affectionate
Her Majesty