Nap Enthusiast


Jill is a generally quiet lady and is best friends with her groupmate Whitney. She is often content to just watch the politics happening within her group, getting involved only if she needs to. After the passing of a fellow groupmate, Ariah, Jill and older gentleman Murphy began to develop a close bond. Staff first noticed the two napping next to one another, and soon after Murphy began following Jill around throughout the day, pant-hooting to get her attention. When Jill ignored his efforts, Murphy upped his game by playfully grabbing her feet (a common form of play among chimps). While at first Jill seemed mildly annoyed by Murphy, his charm eventually worked, and these days they are spending lots of time together. Murphy treats Jill to long grooming sessions, and in turn, Jill seems to have helped Murphy with the loss of his friend. Pro tip: If you need anything from Jill, be sure you catch her before she goes down for a nap – her beauty sleep will always be top priority.


2/9/1993 (31 years)


Pierre's Family


It Girl, Camera Shy
Nap Enthusiast