Chimpanzee Habitats

Chimp Haven is nestled among 200 acres of forested land in northwest Louisiana. The sanctuary provides a variety of enclosures and living spaces designed to meet every chimp and chimp family’s needs, all of which give the chimps 24/7 indoor/outdoor access so they can decide where and how they’d like to spend their days.

In 2005, Chimp Haven’s very first chimpanzee residents, Rita and Theresa, experienced a forested habitat for the very first time with their family group. Within days the first chimps were spotted climbing trees and within weeks the first chimpanzee nests were found in the forest.

Rita and Teresa hang out in their habitat at Chimp Haven

With multiple forested habitats available throughout the sanctuary, the Chimp Haven retirees enjoy indulging in “wild chimpie behaviors” like climbing trees, building nests, foraging, and patrolling the perimeter of their habitat with their chimp friends.

Alpha’s group loves to make full use of their habitat and does multiple daily patrols together; flex mesh allows them to see and enjoy their surroundings.
Although most of the chimps would not have had the opportunity to experience trees before coming to Chimp Haven, many of them (like Marcus) learn to climb by watching other chimps.
Flora's group enjoys afternoon "happy hours" near the waterfront of their habitat.

A variety of other enclosures and living spaces are also available for chimps and family groups who might need or prefer cozier spaces. All of the spaces allow the chimps 24/7 indoor/outdoor access.

Smaller groups like Sparky's do well in smaller, cozier courtyards. When Sparky was recovering from a leg injury, the courtyard made it possible to monitor his progress and access him easily for his laser therapy.
Rambunctious youngsters like Riley love our open-air corrals because of all the platforms, fire houses, and hammocks to play and lounge in.
And Hamlet’s group loves our open-air corrals because of the high platforms for lounging, snooping, and catching.