Veterinary Care

Chimp Haven’s veterinary team provides expert care for the more than 300 chimps in our colony. From the moment the chimps begin their journey to sanctuary, our veterinary team begins developing a personal relationship with each chimpanzee to ensure their health and well-being.

Each day this expert team visits every chimpanzee that lives at the sanctuary. They provide medications and conduct an array of services, from basic wellness examinations to dental care and other specialized therapies. Wellness and other physical exams may include ultrasounds, x-rays, and diagnostic blood work. Specialized treatments for ailments such as arthritis include joint supplements and laser therapy.

Our Positive Reinforcement Training program invites the chimps to participate in their own healthcare, including our Gympanzee program which matches a chimp with a staff member for physical activity. Crystal has lost more than 60 pounds since coming to Chimp Haven, thanks in large part to Gympanzee and her favorite walking buddy, Robyn.

Crystal & Robyn