Early Learners

Lessons and activities for early learners inspired by Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) principals.

Chimp On Tree
Lesson 1


Learn about chimpanzee habitats and what chimpanzees need in their environments.

Take a look at how chimps utilize the habitats at Chimp Haven.

Lesson 2


Learn about primates, the differences between apes and monkeys, and how to perform chimpanzee vocalizations.

Hear the Chimp Haven crewโ€™s best pant-hoots and create a video of your own!

Lesson 4

Chimp Diets

Learn about what the chimps eat in the wild and at Chimp Haven.

Awbrea gives us a look at what the chimps eat every day at Chimp Haven.

Lesson 6


Learn about Husbandry (the care of animals) and how the Chimp Haven team cares for the chimpsโ€™ daily needs.

The Husbandry team talks about a typical day in the life of a caregiver at Chimp Haven.

Lesson 7

Positive Reinforcement Training

Learn how Positive Reinforcement Training invites the chimps to participate in their own healthcare plans.

Rebekah and Mark give a demo of a Positive Reinforcement session at Chimp Haven.