Pepi’s Group

Pepi’s Family Group

Albert is shy chimp who has a tendency to let out a scream when he meets new people. He loves to play a stompy form of chase and he likes to twerk his behind up against the mesh of his enclosure (it’s how he shows his caregivers he likes them!).

Allison is short, round girl who’s almost always leading the pack when it comes to meeting tour groups at the sanctuary. She loves getting to forage for food.

Anita is a staff favorite and a sweetheart of a chimp. She gets very excited when she sees her human friends and will run up to the mesh and grin, pushing her belly out for pokes and scratches. She enjoys eating popcorn forage and interacting with guests at the sanctuary.

Chris is a sweet, quiet chimp who loves staring right into his caregivers’ eyes.

Hayden is a frat boy personality who’s very interested in girls. When guests come to the sanctuary, he loves to show how big and tough he is, and he also loves to see people dancing. He’s charismatic and would love to be alpha, but so far it hasn’t worked out for him.

Madison has alopecia (likely genetic) but it doesn’t slow her down! Care staff makes sure she gets plenty of fluids in the summer, and her condition has been improving since coming to sanctuary.

Melody tends to fly below the radar, but underneath she’s a real charmer. When she’s in a good mood she gets very playful and swings upside down on the shelves in her bedroom – her caregivers will walk in and find her hanging upside down from her feet with her arms swinging back and forth.

Pepi is the alpha of the group, leading with strong beta males, JR and RW. The great group dynamics are a testament to his leadership style.

Toxy is a sweetheart who loves to watch tour groups when they come to the sanctuary.