Chimp Haven at Home – Past Recordings

Did you miss a Chimp Haven at Home webinar? View them below, and be sure to register for our upcoming webinars.

Chimp Haven at Home: A Day in the Life of a Chimpanzee Caregiver

Password: CHIMPSathome15!

Join Animal Caregiver Rebecca as she takes you through a typical day of caring for the chimps at the world’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary and learn how there’s no such thing as a typical day when you work with chimps who have their own agendas!

Chimp Haven at Home: Positive Reinforcement Training

Password: CHIMPSathome14!

Join Positive Reinforcement Training (PRT) Technician Jordan as she explores how PRT encourages chimps to participate in their own care, provides enrichment and strengthens the bonds between chimps and their caregivers.

Chimp Haven at Home: Conserving Chimpanzees in the Wild

Password: CHIMPSathome13!

In recognition of World Chimpanzee Day we’re focusing on the chimpanzees’ wild counterparts. Learn about the global issues that are threatening their survival and how making small changes and raising awareness can help save this keystone species.

Chimp Haven at Home: Celebrating Father’s Day – Chimp Dads!

Password: CHIMPSathome12!

While Chimp Haven actively takes steps to prevent babies to ensure space at sanctuary is maintained for chimps waiting to retire, occasionally, life finds a way. Learn about the sanctuary’s beloved “oops” babies, the unique process for determining chimpanzee paternity, and the relationships between chimp dads and their youngsters from Chimp Haven’s Attending Veterinarian and Director of Veterinary Care, Dr. Raven Jackson-Jewett (Dr. J).

Chimp Haven at Home: PRT Superstars & Success Stories

Password: CHIMPSathome11!

Join Chimp Haven’s Positive Reinforcement Training Program (PRT) Coordinator Rebekah Lewis for this behind-the-scenes look at training with the chimpanzees. From smarty-pants chimps who keep us on our toes, to amazing physical transformations, sweet, silly moments, and everything in between, explore how PRT helps improve the chimps’ lives and strengthens the bonds between chimps and their caregivers.

Chimp Haven at Home: We’re Not That Different

Password: CHIMPSathome10!

Join the Chimp Haven vet team as we explore the fascinating differences and similarities in human and chimp biology.

Chimp Haven at Home: Primate Pastimes

Password: CHIMPSathome9!

What do the chimps like to do for fun? Colony Director Michelle explores the many ways the chimps choose to spend their time, including stories of some of their most unique preferences, habits, and hijinks.

Chimp Haven at Home: Great Chimp Love Stories

Password: CHIMPSathome8!

Sweet friendships, bromances, and ever-changing family bonds – learn about how chimpanzee social groups at Chimp Haven allow the chimps to blossom socially, including stories of some of the sanctuary’s most iconic duos and squads.

Chimp Haven at Home: What Makes an Alpha

Password: CHIMPSathome7!

Join Colony Director Michelle Reininger as we explore some of the sanctuary’s most interesting alphas (male and female!) and dissect what makes a great chimpanzee leader.

Chimp Haven at Home: Home is Where the Pant-Hoots Are

Password: CHIMPSathome6!

In honor of Chimp Haven’s 15-year anniversary, Chimp Haven co-founder Amy Fultz takes us back to the sanctuary’s very first days, including touching stories of the first chimpanzees to explore the forested grounds.

Chimp Haven at Home: 365 Ways to Enrich a Chimp

Password: CHIMPSathome5!

From puzzles, live music, Bollywood, and more, there’s no limit to the lengths our Enrichment Team will go to keep the chimps mentally stimulated and thriving. This webinar explores how we enrich the chimps 365 days per year – including some of our more unique experiments – and why it’s so vital to the chimps’ wellbeing.

Chimp Haven at Home: Chimp + Human Friendships and Bonds

Password: CHIMPSathome4!

With more than 300 unique chimp personalities at Chimp Haven, everyone on staff has a chimp who holds a special place in their heart. But how do the chimps feel about their human caregivers? This webinar explores stories of some of the special bonds between chimps and humans at Chimp Haven, how the chimps’ unique personalities influence how they interact with caregivers, and the many ways these special connections help staff better care for the chimps.

Chimp Haven at Home: Chimp Checkups

Password: CHIMPSathome3!

From physical exams to emergency intervention, the Chimp Haven vet team has seen it all. Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at chimpanzee medical care, including personal stories of the vet team’s most interesting cases.

Chimp Haven at Home: Chimp Communication 

Password: CHIMPSathome2!

Join Behavior Technician Jordan as she explores the many ways that chimps communicate with each other. From chimp vocalizations, expressions, gestures, and other behaviors, she breaks downs the basics of chimpanzee communication and how Chimp Haven staff use these insights to better understand and care for the chimps.

Chimp Haven at Home: Positive Reinforcement Training

Password: CHIMPSathome1!

Get a glimpse of the chimp life from the comfort of your own home! Join Rebekah Lewis as she explores the unique ways Chimp Haven uses Positive Reinforcement Training to encourage the chimps to participate in their own care.