With 31 new chimps joining us at the sanctuary so far this year, the Chimp Haven family has now grown to nearly 300 chimpanzees!

As we prepare for more new arrivals this fall, we continue to make progress toward our sanctuary expansion to make room for nearly 200 chimpanzees who still remain in research facilities waiting to come to Chimp Haven.

In August, we reached an exciting milestone in our expansion journey with the completion of the first of two 15,000 square foot corrals. Get a first look at the finished corral below!

Upon completion, the Welcome Them Home expansion will add three new multi-acre habitats, new 15,000 square foot corrals, and new veterinary and staff space to the sanctuaryย (click image to enlarge)
A recently-completed 15,000 square foot corral will welcome new chimps soon!


Climbing platforms give the chimps lots of explore and find the best view (or nap spot).
Hammocks and fire hose swings are a favorite for lounging and playing.
Chimp Haven supporters donated a variety of trees and plants for the new spaces.


We can’t wait to see chimpanzees exploring the new corrals, climbing the structures, and lounging in their hammocks. Learn how you can be part of this historic project at: https://chimphaven.org/expansion-campaign/