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Love Stories: Sarah Anne & Marie

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Chimp Haven February 7, 2019
Chimp Haven love stories

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’re celebrating ALL the love here at the sanctuary. One of the most wonderful things about life at Chimp Haven is watching new friendships, families, bromances, and, yes, even romances, develop between the retirees. We’re excited to share a few of those love stories here with you the next two weeks!

Today’s love story is an update on one of our favorite new friendships: Sarah Anne and Marie.

At age 59, Sarah Anne is Chimp Haven’s oldest resident, and to be honest, this queen hasn’t always had a lot of patience for other chimps.

Enter Marie.

Marie was introduced to Sarah Anne’s group last year and the two took to each other. They’ve been incredibly close ever since, and Marie has taken it upon herself to become Sarah Anne’s official body guard in addition to her best friend. She defends Sarah Anne’s honor and is never far from her side.

During a recent cold snap at the sanctuary, Sarah Anne was not about to get out of her warm bed. Even though Marie prefers to be outside, she loyally snuggled up to her pal and groomed her in her hammock. (Not a bad way to spend a cold day!)

Marie has this BFF thing down to an art. Who’s the Marie to your Sarah Anne??

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