With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’re celebrating ALL the love here at the sanctuary. One of the most wonderful things about life at Chimp Haven is watching new friendships, families, bromances, and, yes, even romances, develop between the retirees. We’re excited to share a few of those love stories here with you this week!

Sometimes friendship is found in unlikely places…

Taffy came to the sanctuary in 2019, and soon she and her pals were introduced to a larger family group, which included Peanut.

Taffy is known for being very active and playful. Shortly after her introduction into her new social group, she was inspiring even the “old timers” to join in on her games.

Peanut, however, is known as a bit of a drama queen. She’s the first to cry out and let you know if there’s been a perceived injustice, and soon enough, Taffy has discovered a great affinity for teasing Peanut (in harmless ways). As Care Coordinator Awbrea put it, “Taffy likes to make the squeaky toy scream.”

Over time, though, Taffy and Peanut have become unlikely buds. In fact, Taffy started taking Peanut along for the walks she takes around the perimeter of their habitat, a welcome development for staff since Peanut could use some extra motivation in the exercise department.

“Anytime Taffy goes out to patrol, Peanut is tagging along,” says Caregiver Bre.

Taffy still likes to tease Peanut, but their unlikely friendship has been a pretty good influence on her. You never know when you’ll find a new friend!