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Chimp Haven
Chimp Haven April 24, 2019

These chimps are spending their first spring at the sanctuary thanks to you!

Taffy is not the type of chimp to shy away from a challenge. When she and her buddies were introduced into a larger group recently, she was determined to make friends with even the toughest personalities. Mikey tried to show how tough he is by tossing something at her – she tossed it right back at him and, minutes later, they were playing like they were old friends! We think she’s going to be, breath of fresh air for the rough-and-tumble boys in her new family.
When she first arrived at the sanctuary, Maxi was always interested in what care staff was up to – but now that she’s been introduced to a larger family, she’s way too busy with her new chimp friends to give them the time of day. She’s extremely smart and loves toys (she can always be seen carrying around three or four of her favorites). She’s also got a mischievous streak, and likes to “steal” items and craft them into tools. We can already tell this lady will keep us on our toes!
Kaya is a funny, low-key girl who gets along with everyone – people and chimps alike. She doesn’t crave the spotlight like some of the other strong personalities in her group and instead prefers to hang out up on the structures in her yard, mellow and unbothered. Shes extremely smart and always wants to be involved in positive reinforcement training – even if the training session is for another chimp! Staff say that when Jacob first saw Kaya, his mouth dropped open in a big, excited expression. We’re happy to know her too, Jacob!
Since Cybill is so discreet, staff thought she might end up being low-ranking in her new family. But Cybill quickly decided that wasn’t going to be the case! She got right to work making friends, grooming her neighbors, and making sure she was involved in all the action. We’ve also learned she’s an excellent catcher, just like her groupmate Queenie B. Together they sit upon their platform urging staff to toss them their favorite snacks.
When Hobbes was first introduced to his new play yard, he climbed right up to the very top pole and hung out there for 20 minutes, taking in the views. The boys in his new family are known for being rambunctious, but Hobbes has had no trouble fitting right in. He also knows how to be a gentleman though: during introductions he was very sweet to all the ladies, taking a particular liking to Violet and Margaret.
Bart is Hobbes’s laid-back friend and counterpart. He feels no need to show how big and tough he is, but if any squabbles occur, he’s always got Hobbes’s back. He seemed to fit in immediately with his new family, and these days you can usually catch him in the middle of a grooming session with a buddy. He and Hobbes also like to snoop in on the conference room when staff is holding a meeting – they have to be briefed on all official sanctuary business!
Chimp Haven
Chimp Haven