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Diving Into Spring at the Sanctuary

Chimp Haven
Chimp Haven April 24, 2019
Chimp Austin

If you were to ask the chimps, we bet they’d say spring is their favorite time of year. With cold weather on the way out and sun on the way in, they’re spending more time outside at the sanctuary napping, playing, and soaking up the sun!

This spring, we’re taking our cues from Austin – he knows the value of indulging in some much-deserved rest and relaxation.
A mother’s work is never done: Valentina Rose and Carlee sneak in a lively game of chase while mom, Passion, tries to enjoy her banana.
These days TJ seems to be spending all his time up on the platforms in his play yard, keeping an eye on things.
Tracy is an expert climber, so it’s no surprise spring finds her high up in the trees. This is her favorite post to snoop on neighboring groups and catch the first glimpse of new chimps coming into the sanctuary!
Gina and her group took full advantage of a recent sunny day, hanging outside together after enjoying their afternoon snack of kale chips that were lovingly baked by care staff.
Chimp Haven
Chimp Haven