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Summer is still going strong at the sanctuary

Chimp Haven
Chimp Haven August 13, 2019
Charlee Chimp

While summer is technically winding down, you wouldn’t know it at Chimp Haven! The chimps are still enjoying long summer days and their favorite warm weather activities. Here’s what they’ve been up to this summer:

Kaya knows the best thing about summer is plenty of R&R, and she’s taking full advantage on her favorite platforms!
Speaking of platforms, Maxi always knows the best place to catch a nice summer breeze.
Carlee continues to grow leaps and bounds — and these days, she’s all about showing us how tough she is!
There’s nothing better than fresh fruit on a hot summer day — right, Kasey?

In fact, the only thing that beats fruit during the summer is one of the chimps’ very favorite treats: Popsicles! Our Enrichment Team makes them with fresh fruit, providing a healthy, cool treat on hot summer days.

Chimp Haven
Chimp Haven