If Looks Could Kill

Winners: Taffy & Idani

These two ladies have perfected the art of the stare-down, and we are here to celebrate it. There’s no wondering how they feel when they serve up one of their signature looks.

Taffy: Taffy is a great friend and can be quite playful with the chimps in her group, but there’s no doubt about it: She’s a “chimp’s chimp” and doesn’t have much time to entertain her human admirers. She’s also been known to rival even the most stubborn personalities in the sass department. Case in point: If she notices you watching her playing with a pal, she’ll stop what she’s doing to deliver her signature glare as if to say, “Can I help you??”

Idani: Idani loves to serve up her best looks to let you know just how she feels about being asked to do, well, just about anything. Whether staff is asking about her day, offering up a play session, or even some goodies for positive reinforcement trainng, “she just deadpan stares at you if you ask anything,” says Caregiver Miranda.

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